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Tyra Banks Moves Talk Show to New York

The Emmy award nominated Tyra Banks Show will soon be heading to the east coast after spending its first two seasons out west. The Los Angeles based program will be taping season three at the Chelsea Television Studios in New York. This move is like a homecoming of sorts for the former supermodel. New York has always been considered as one of the top fashion meccas in the world. It was a frequent stomping ground of the former catwalk star during her modeling days. Banks was quoted as saying, “I’m thrilled to be moving to New York… I feel connected and completely at home.”

Tyra also expressed excitement over the chance to reach out to even more people. She was delighted to have the chance to interact, relate and draw from a completely different crowd and thinks that this change will only make the show more relevant and useful. She also believes that the Big Apple’s energy, dynamism and cultural diversity will greatly enhance the program’s own dynamics.


With her daytime show making the coastal migration, there are speculations that her other program, America’s Next Top Model, will be following suit. Both are produced by Banks’ own outfit, Bankable Productions and Handprint Entertainment. Banks is both a judge and creator of the reality based model search program.

The Tyra Banks Show is up for six Daytime Emmy awards including Outstanding Talk Show and Talk Show Host. Its third season is scheduled to start airing on September 10, 2007 and the show has already been picked up for a fourth season.

With the success of both the Tyra Banks Show and America’s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks has come a long way from gracing runways and magazine pages. She is no longer just an icon of style, beauty and fashion. She has become an ambassador of goodwill, sympathy, empowerment and personal growth.

For more information about America’s Next Top Model or for the full story about Tyra Banks Moves Talk Show to New York please review this website

For more information about America’s Next Top Model or for the full story about Tyra Banks Moves Talk Show to New York please review this website

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Kate Bosworth

3534420841 c3338c9e4e m Kate BosworthWhere can I find jeans like Kate Bosworths on Win a date with Tad Hamilton?

AboutKate Bosworth

Question: Where can I find jeans like Kate Bosworth’s on Win a date with Tad Hamilton?
On the movie Win a date with Tad Hamilton, Kate Bosworth’s character is walking up steps to a hotel. She has on jeans. On the back pocket the jeans have a chick stitched on them. Does anyone know what brand they are or where I can find some? Thanx


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6206838386 4084917450 m Millionaire Dating and Love Lessons from Celebrity Couples, Part 1

Millionaire Dating and Love Lessons from Celebrity Couples, Part 1

Love can happen to everyone. In fact, everyone gets to experience love. True, romantic love can come to even the most unlikely people. Hollywood may be an unlikely place to find true love in the world full of make-belief, but yes, celebrity couples do exist.

However, many celebrity couples are living testimonies that love can conquer all, even the tenacity of Hollywood! These Hollywood couples prove that circumstances can’t hinder love from happening, as long as you do the right things and put on the right moves to attract your Mr/Ms Right.

So let’s take love lessons from these fairly odd celebrity couples, shall we?

Love Lesson Number One: Pulling is 10% Looks, 90% Location

This is a lesson that we can take from jazz thimble, Jamie Cullum. Jamie met his future wife, former model and now English author, Sophie Dahl, in a star-studded charity event, where he was one of those performing. The fact that he was one of the people up on the stage, and that he was one of the stars of the evening, totally made up for the amazing fact that Sophie towered a good eight inches over him!


If you want someone like Sophie Dahl to take a good second look at you, then know that it’s all about feeling good about yourself and being comfortable of the place where you are. If you feel like you are an inch tall, then however phsysically tall you really are, people would still see you as diminutive. If you are comfortable and feel good about yourself, then you would appear much taller and much more confident than you really are.

Feel good about yourself and always do the things that you do best. If you are like Jamie Cullum who love to perform, go some place that would allow you to pimp it. Go to your favorite club if you know how to bust a move. You feel comfortable in your own skin, then you would have an attractive aura of ease and confidence.

Love Lesson Number Two: Ignore your Flaws so that Other People Would Ignore them too!

Ever had a stain on your shirt that you think is conspicuous, but really isn’t? You feel like the world is seeing that ugly stain, and will laugh at you. But surprisingly enough, people would only notice the stain if you point it out to them.

Your flaws are like that. If you put too much emphasis on your flaws, then people, who didn’t notice anything prior to that, would notice too because of your self-consciousness. For example, take a look at comedian, composer, and musician, Dudley Moore. He had a club foot, and a short stature, but that didn’t stop him from attracting scores of women. In fact, he got married and divorced four times, all too lovely women! Why? Because he never saw himself as a short person undeserving of love. He saw himself as a leading man!

Forget your flaws and don’t mind them much or think about them much! Believe that your God’s gift to women/ men, and you would get people to believe you too! Not saying, of course, that you should do a Dudley Moore and get married then divorced in a heartbeat. But the fact is that whatever your flaws, you can still attract people with them.

Never let any of your flaws cheat you of getting a great partner! You deserve love, all you need is a great opportunity and a host of confidence, just like our celebrity couples. Take a good lesson from these celebrity odd couples, and find the love you are waiting for! Check us out at our Milllionaire Dating and you may find your ideal man there! Sign up for a free trial membership at =>

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