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fun youtube video!Mischa Barton Explains New Fat Photos

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Britney Spears
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20110710 Cruiseschip Celebrity Silhouette in Eemshaven 06
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Putting the Ease in Tease

A woman taking their clothes off for a bit of titillation is nothing new, since clothes went on people have enjoyed watching them fly off. However, women have not been the target audience of choice since it has normally been females who strip, but something has been occurring over the last couple of years that is altering all of that. Neo Burlesque as it is being called has taken the art of seduction and teasing into the mainstream and everyone loves it particularly women. Burlesque has been described as the tease over the strip and maybe this is why women love it so much, it takes the concept of taking your costume off away from dark clubs and red light districts and places it firmly in theatre and art. Although most of the clothes come off, not all, it is a performance rather than just a woman getting her clothes off and it involves accessories, props and glamour everything a girl loves. Embracing the Female Form Burlesque in not an art form that is exclusively for thin young things either, knockout curves and a bit of bawdiness make the performance all the more exciting! Although it involves women stripping to their smalls, normally a g string and some fantastically sparkly pasties, it is about female power and the women being in control. Artisits like Dita Von Teese and Miss Dirty Martini are two examples of females who in spite of their opposite figures delight crowds with their sensual ways. Miss Von Teese has a tiny hour glass shape and is a big fan of corsetry and tight lacing while Miss Martini has car crash curves that a Rubens model would be proud of! But that is the joy of burlesque it celebrates all shapes of woman because it is about embracing sexuality and femininity, exuding confidence and appreciating the female shape. The At Home Show You don’t need to be a size six or a professional star to embrace the fun of burlesque just a sense of humour and some really great lingerie! Why not give it a try at home?, first set the scene why not scatter rose petals around the room, mood lighting goes without saying and a bit of perfume hanging in the air creates the prefect boudoir atmosphere. Then the vital music, choose something that makes you feel a little naughty and that you can dance to! Onto the fun stuff! Time to pick your lingerie, you should wear something that makes you feel super sexy whether that is pasties and a thong or a simple camisole! Then you need the covering outfit something luxurious that you can take off easily and of course lots of accessories including gloves and feather boas. As far as make up and hair go you can go retro like many of the burlesque stars with a slick of red lipstick and some soft curls or you can simply wear your favourite Saturday night combo that makes you feel brazen and up for some fun! Then you are set to go, why not try the routine a few times before you showcase it then you can feel super confident that it go well! Plus you get to strut around in gorgeous clothes and have a laugh what is no to love?!

Burlesque is great fun, just choose the right sexy lingerie and away you go. Penthouse Lingerie have a great retro 50′s syle range for you to choose from.

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5723807499 d673988270 m UsherWhat is the song is Usher singing during the basketball commercial for TNT?

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Usher: What is the song is Usher singing during the basketball commercial for TNT?
On the channel TNT i have seen the commercial a few times for Pro basketball (i think) and Usher is singing this certain song. I thought it was called More, but i can’t find it on iTunes… Do anyone know what the song is called?


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