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Colin Farrell

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My edited the following

Colin Farrell: colin farrell…?
anyone selling / knows someone who’s selling his biography??


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Some cool celebrity gossip images:

Aboutcelebrity gossip

Wonderful celebrity gossip:

6182965078 29809158c3 Nice Celebrity Gossip photos

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Eddie Murphy
AboutEddie Murphy

Question: What are your top 2 favorite movies by Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor?
Here’s mine:

Eddie Murphy
1. Coming to America
2. 48 Hrs

Richard Pryor
1. Stir Crazy
2. Moving

what’s yours?


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A few nice Tobey Maguire images I found:

AboutTobey Maguire

Wonderful Tobey Maguire:

2705540848 c653beb1c9 Cool Tobey Maguire images

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Paris Hilton

1304699795 c59cebbf85 m Paris HiltonPaRiS HiLtOn?

These are useful and collceted by I!

Q&A: PaRiS HiLtOn?
do you think Paris Hilton deserves all the attention she is getting? Why or why not?

Note: you must include a yes or no somewhere in your answer, this is a poll for a paper.


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