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Sylvester Stallone
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Sylvester Stallone to Star in Prison Thriller 'The Tomb'

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Some cool Avril Lavigne images:

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Avril Lavigne
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celebrity news

3118949505 4aa68747ed m celebrity newsWhy Do Celebrity News Sources Always Mislead The Viewers With Wrong Information?

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celebrity news: Why Do Celebrity News Sources Always Mislead The Viewers With Wrong Information?
News – Jamie Foxx held hostage in his hotel room.
Truth – Jamie Foxx stopped the man from entering his room and the perp then fled the scene and was later arrested.

News – Mel Gibson “I Hate People”
Truth – Mel Gibson “I hate people that have no class”

News – Lindsay Lohan has more than one boyfriend
Truth – Lindsay Lohan said that she didn’t want to date just one person,a monogamous relationship.

Why does the news do this?


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4992203192 f3b55352b9 m PinkPiNK???????

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Pink: PiNK???????
i want to paint my room pink but i also want to do a beach theme, will it go or will it not match at all? how can i make it match?
do you have a pink room is YES

does it make you feel happy?
do you get sick of the color?
what other colors in your room do you have with it?
tell me more about it.
what does it have to do with fashion? well your room is like fashion because your decorating and matching and add accessories. also it reflects your personal style.
please dont answer if your going to put that you *****!


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George Clooney

6264914400 f17eb6b43e m George ClooneyHow to get in touch with George Clooney?

Do you find what you need? Look here!

Q&A: How to get in touch with George Clooney?
I’ve been involved in a two-year lawsuit against the Episcopal Diocese of NY, which has revealed a corruption within the Church as startling as Watergate. I think George Clooney might be interested to make a film, or perhaps just to give legal support. Reliable way to contact him, other than through a fan club? Other ideas?


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