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Some cool Gwen Stefani images:

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Gwen Stefani at Forum, Copenhagen
1581654766 4d378214f8 Gwen Stefani at Forum, Copenhagen

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Victoria Beckham
Hi,I did the following:
Mommy tweets: Jamie Lynn Spears, Victoria Beckham and more!

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Hi,I did the following:
Good video!Total Film Photoshoot – Behind the Scenes

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Do you find what you need? Look here!

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celebrities scandal

5663633216 71b0c7f057 m celebrities scandalCelebrity scandal people try to Get rich quick off celebrity. are you one of those people?

Aboutcelebrities scandal

Question: Celebrity scandal people try to Get rich quick off celebrity. are you one of those people?
How lowdown and dirty would people go to get rich quick off celebrity.I think the scandal come from jealously people trying to get a buck are be seen on tv people lie on celebrity. are they try to become their close friend and take picture of them with out the celebrity knowing it. celebrity should becareful who they become friend with. it hard to trust people like you.. some time celebrity joke are play with fan and some fan take that joke and turn it around and thats when it become a scandal are some fan are offend because they are reject by they celebrity..ect;.


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