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Good video!Cameron Diaz Saves the World

…or at least she’s trying. In this documentary, she travels across America to learn what worries us most about the environment. Marie Claire Videos: Marie Claire Magazine: Subscribe to Marie Claire: -
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Do you find what you need? Look here!
Good video!Sesame Street: Cameron Diaz Talks Trees With Grover

If you’re watching videos with your preschooler and would like to do so in a safe, child-friendly environment, please join us at Cameron Diaz and Grover talk about trees. Sesame Street is a production of Sesame Workshop, a nonprofit educational organization which also produces Pinky Dinky Doo, The Electric Company, and other programs for children around the world.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Cameron Diaz Makes a Mockery of Pregnancy

I don't know what it is about Cameron Diaz, but I just can't stand her. I've tried to like her, really I have (lying!), but I'm simply incapable of developing an affinity for the actress. And now this — this makes me dislike her even more.
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34 Responses to “Cameron Diaz Saves the WorldCameron Diaz”

  1. UndercoverCracker Says:

    ….The water…can be filtered.

  2. morrielarsen Says:

    Hi Aimee 0:22

  3. greatworld1979 Says:

    @avatarprimus she is so pretty…

  4. avatarprimus Says:

    Cameron Diaz is awesome!!!

  5. knowledgewarrenpofh Says:

    we should save the world for the next generation..

  6. ALB437 Says:

    To Cameron Diaz:
    Which problem would you first focuss on? Are you presently still working on that kind of matter?

  7. sa2stellar Says:

    awesome!!!!!! she’s not just beautiful, but she has a REALLY good heart!!!
    you’re really inspiring for me!!!!!

    great documentary!!!!!!

  8. TaranetsOrg Says:

    Why not. She’s a good kid.

  9. Postmester Says:

    Hey Mate,

    Ass Booty Thong Dance Competition!! Getrude[.]adultsexygift[.]com


  10. silentemergency Says:

    It’s good. Those interviewed don’t say a lot – which perhaps is part of the (scary) point. As is the fact that it’s had 6500 hits against 60,000 for glipses of Cameron’s breasts. Perhaps next time she needs to do her doco in summer, on a beach ..

  11. GTRFireMan Says:

    Excellent work Camaron Diaz, I don’t see other celebs actually doing thing this making people aware of their environment. Well done. :)

  12. spratly Says:

    wonderful work cameron! i’m from the philippines and i hope our celebrities here would follow your great example. DON’T STOP INSPIRING FOR MOTHER EARTH!

  13. Stiiiine100 Says:

    This is wonderful work, and I think we all should do like miss Diaz. It is time to tell our government to step up and protect this Earth; our Earth. Do not just sit there, but get up and ask yourself: What can I do to protect my children’s future home and life? How can I make sure my children will have a clean and healthy place to grow up in.

    Excellent job, Cameron. I am very proud of you and your team.

    – Miss Stine from Norway, Europe.

  14. uaedv8 Says:

    gr8…i found about this video from Time Magazine… I loved it. I dont know where the water in my city (Abu dhabi, United Arab Emirates) comes from. I know that we fortify sea water. I want to know more and ask questions. thanks Cameron for using ur celebrity to do something so valuable and important. You Rock…Salam.

  15. findnpost Says:

    STEWIE: Grover …grover… grover …yes, the letter G is wonderful..

  16. LittleREDSpeck9 Says:

    That’s a fake tree

  17. HalftrackProduction Says:

    0:24 did Grover give a quicky to camerons boobs?

  18. stillilllife Says:

    @CubfanDaMann Yes…?

  19. Biopunked Says:

    They are also close to fractal self-similarity!

  20. tanyarus Says:

    Whenever I heart Cameron speak, I close my eyes and picture Fiona.

  21. luucybabes123 Says:

    but…it’s a fake tree…

  22. babylovesakiller Says:

    they also give us weed and cocaine…

  23. christianx525 Says:

    cameron diaz la mejor actriz

  24. Abbbieee101 Says:


  25. Aimeeallen31 Says:


  26. fracturism Says:

    OK tree- i would like a pepperoni pizza (brilliant!!)

  27. ToiToiToiHerrKaleun Says:

    a poodle with a french accent? if thats not “racist” then i dont know what is. how did that get past the polical correctness gestapo?

  28. FrozenConfession Says:

    oh i discover its a great way to improve my english xD so more sesamstreet 4 me =D

  29. ahhhhhron Says:

    escuze mua? hahahahahaha

  30. TheDynamicaliiex Says:

    * french accent* may i now have a liitle bit of privacy mm mm LOL

  31. natnat2468mm Says:

    my little cuz says he married to cameron nd hes 3

  32. declanappleseed Says:

    Aww, Cameron Diaz is so cute!

  33. Browncoatt22 Says:

    @BMANBLAKNBLU I think you stumbled when you mentioned the Eddie Murphy and FUNNY connection. He hasn’t been funny in a very long time…

  34. pureVcheeeis Says:

    ‘…u can feel free to stick anything in my slot.’ – Cameron Diaz, Charlie’s Angels

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