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fun youtube video!Robin Thicke ft. Nicki Minaj – Shakin It on David Letterman ( Robin Thicke, Nicki Minaj -Shakin’ It For Daddy On Dave Letterman (No, Nicki That Dress Can’t Hold ALL THAT DONK) Make sure you check out nttp Get New Music, News, Celebrity Gossip 1st Twitter – Face book – Sick Fingers –
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Hi,I did the following:
fun youtube video!”I’m Not Whining, Bitch!” – Diggnation

This week on Diggnation we recap the awesome Super Bowl victory for the Packers (well, Kevin does)! Plus, see the top 10 anti-Valentine’s Day presents and why everyone’s so pissed at Tiger Woods – AGAIN!


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35 Responses to “Robin Thicke ft. Nicki Minaj – Shakin It on David Letterman ( gossip”

  1. nickistar612 Says:

    nicki nd robin killed it

  2. jkoolaiid Says:

    did anyone notice the drummer dropped his stick LOL;
    Good perfomance doe

  3. shadowchrushingplam Says:

    Robin down hill with this album

  4. Faeusable Says:

    I sooooooooo ove this songggg,,,, It is the first thim i see this guy ,,, he is soooooooooo good,,, and offcorse i was watching nicki minaj’s muziek videos and i saw this,,,,, DAMNNNNNNNNNNNN thank god I did it ;) ,,, I was feeling it ooooooooo

  5. JoshVand1 Says:

    Drummer fail at 1:46 lol

  6. CityKid206 Says:

    I thought it was funny when he pointed to her addressing her and she had already stepped back and both of them were like “where’d she go?” lmao

  7. mocoolmocool Says:

    Look at Robin at 1:25 Hilarious!!!!!! :)

  8. sherise7421 Says:

    @1:20 I am dying of laughter! WTF is he doing? ahahaha

  9. xoxojuju44 Says:

    When she performed this on David Letterman it was the first time I ever saw her. Thank you god!!! I looooovve nicki forever -3

  10. allywally8 Says:

    nicki minaj is awesome !

  11. bmystical Says:

    I agree with commenter: toussantchris regarding Nicki stepping back as not to take the spot-like from Robin. It shows great character in Nicki- That was a nice gesture on her part. It’s little things like that that makes the Universe respond to a person, and makes them a HUGE SUCCESS!!! Love you Nicki

  12. carmendecor Says:

    Make that money Nicki :-)

  13. chadams48 Says:

    I like nicki on this song

  14. alphared10 Says:

    you heard the people cheering on Nicki,she got some new fans,i like the way they tone it down so professional,they both did a good job Nicki looks very beautiful,and i like the dress.

  15. RetroDimeDiva Says:

    i love this effin song

  16. kittycatcarley Says:

    Hahaha the hymnal thing made me laugh

  17. BBB49 Says:

    That was just SMOKING

  18. MrAmazing987 Says:


  19. kiannaluvzyou7 Says:

    Haha she crack me up wit her lil hand signs in the back lol but she cant dance either itz kool thow cuz she a beast… On everything

  20. aergdr Says:

    damn i NEVER expected this on David Letterman….it’s a sexy performance…Nicki lookin sexy.
    All those white audience will probably be wanting a black girl after dat…. Letterman included….lol

  21. megpruden20 Says:

    @harajukubarbie211 LORL!

  22. iloveyummycake Says:


  23. HeiligerWOW Says:

    Omg Puss & Beers is one of the most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard! xD

  24. babaev Says:

    “My testicles are in her purse.”

  25. girrrrrrr2 Says:

    Im watching diggnation while reading reddit.

  26. 101emmybemmy Says:

    tiger woods does have kids!

  27. Jah044445 Says:

    @Syre126 So…you expect to get your news from Diggnation? That doesn’t seem very reliable….it’s just interesting to see the stories with their reactions, commentary and conversations.
    Plus, even if this was released the week of the Super Bowl, it still would’ve been old news, who DIDN’T hear about the Packers winning by the next day, let alone that next Wednesday?

  28. pattybaloo Says:

    Im from PA and I’m embarrassed about the “Here we Steelers, here we go! Clap clap! I dont even know why the towels are terrible :(

  29. Intronetz Says:

    Did… I just get a Rev3 ad?

  30. CodeCXF Says:

    I’m from PA and I still hate the Steelers… lol

  31. thelifeaquatica Says:

    For the most part, their good at talking about stories that are current, but sometimes they tape a couple of shows together so they can have some “time off”. Ok?

  32. Rymac91 Says:

    Funny moments, 0:56, 12:02, 16:49, 18:14, 18:50, 20:34, 21:34, 23:12, 34:17, 39:00, 40:45.

  33. MriBackup Says:

    @demiser21 They fixed it, the quotations were wrong.

  34. SebastianBoldt Says:

    I want more tech talk please !

  35. iAmWillJ91 Says:

    By the way her new song is called Born This Way so that’s the reason behind the egg.

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