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Q&A: christina aguilera?
my music project has to be done on a saongwriter who writes there own music
ie:gwen stefani, mozart
does anyone know if christina aguilera writes her own songs?

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Answer by celebrity girl
Christina co-writes her songs with writer Linda Perry who also writes songs for Pink.

Answer by sasmallworld
some… think she wrote “the voice within” or “beautiful”.

i think mariah carey writes more of her songs. so does kelly clarkson

Answer by candy
I’m not sure but if you have any of her cd’s it’ll say or can see any music videos

Answer by kyle.petty45
i guess

Answer by i124q
no im sry idk

Answer by HangTheDJ
I don’t know, but she went to my high school, North Allegheny.

Answer by LOVE BUG
Some of them she writes but others she is helped.

Answer by Charmed & Dangerous
Christina writes most of her songs based on poetry or lyrics she has previously written. Most of her songs were written alone, however some she collaborated with Linda Perry, eg “I’m Okay” which was from her previous and more personal album, stripped. From the new released album “back to basics” Christina collaborated with Linda Perry again on the song “hurt” and a few others.

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default Q&A: Christina Aguilerachristina aguilera?

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