Denzel Washington

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Hi,I did the following:

Question: Denzel Washington?
how can i find out if am related to Denzel Washington, my name is tyrone Washington

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Answer by skylur44
There are websites that (for a fee) research your family history. Just go to google and type in “family tree.”

Answer by lovepets
send letter to him lm happy to see you again
I’m back too

Answer by gigi
You need to start to do a family search. Start out with the information that you know. Go back as far as you can, with the ancestors that you know, and then you can buy a Family Tree maker kit, and in this kit it offers you all the military records that you would need, all of the records about who came to Ilise Island you can do a DNA study to see if you have the same DNA as he does, and so forth. Family Trees are really fun to put together, and I had a great time with the DNA stuff also, and I was able to find out which countries I came from. I knew I had lots of Royal Ancestors and that my blood matched that of many Royal Families. It is fun to search out family ties. Good Luck! I hope that you have as much fun as I did!

Answer by muffin
You are funny!! (aahh you are trying to be aren’t ya)?

Answer by Jada J
he did tell me he had a cousin name i believe so

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Hi,I did the following:


Denzel Washington
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