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fun youtube video!FF Debates 2011: Elijah Wood Challenges Dominic Monaghan

AboutElijah Wood
Good video!Craig Ferguson 7/11/11C Late Late Show Elijah Wood

Craig chats with Elijah Wood from “Wilfred”…YIKES! Someone was robbed of their golden mouth organ.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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35 Responses to “FF Debates 2011: Elijah Wood Challenges Dominic MonaghanElijah Wood”

  1. sweetnlowjojo Says:

    10 points for awesomeness!!!!

  2. 1105Chance Says:

    He seems so funny and good-natured for someone with his success.

  3. FattyMcJew27 Says:

    This is the sort of thing I would do if I were famous.

  4. orcinus74 Says:


  5. orcinus74 Says:

    “Mordor doesn’t look too bad now does it.”
    I swear he is me incarnate.

  6. icanjuggleeverything Says:

    He is one tiny, beautiful man. I’d tap that.

  7. StaccatoFeathers Says:

    “Exhausting my Chi” …I can’t even, Elijah.

  8. dwightbeetsfarm Says:

    Elijah Wood is my spirit animal.

  9. dragoneye4212 Says:

    1:26 and 1:43 played on half speed O_O

  10. debsaux Says:

    So now I know why he was cast for in Sin City.

  11. liviaberrogain Says:

    gimme 10 of this thing he had…

  12. MrsTrue2yourheart Says:

    OMG i would give anything to get a hug from him (maybe a kiss :-P ) <3 <3

  13. HareKrishnaForever5 Says:

    Dominic nanananana

  14. POTOskaterJMchic Says:

    Ohhh come ON Elijah Wood plays better than Kevin Bacon did and Kevin won the Golden Mouth organ :( hahaha

  15. thecortni Says:

    0.0 @ Elijah’s weird laugh!!! He really is just… awesome.

  16. COV1986COV Says:

    i think Elijah holds himself quite well considering that most of Craig’s guests just accept what he says and then go along with it coz they can’t outdo him.

  17. Irenespaz Says:

    LOL His laugh is what I imagine a leprechaun’s laugh to be like.

  18. ShimmerMakeup Says:

    he looks too much like justin timberlake now. But he was awesome in Lord of The rings he looks awful now.

  19. Vadamur Says:

    @ShUrkaSl agreed :(

  20. ShUrkaSl Says:

    -Have you been to Russia?
    -No, but I’ve been to Prague!
    Ох америкосы, вот топографические тупарезы.

  21. aaronbassist146 Says:

    He looks so much like Paul Meany from Mutemath…

  22. dmkbitch Says:

    I love Elijah so much:) He is so adorable and his laugh is just gjkfgfjgn <3

  23. YouAreNotJoshHutch Says:

    He seems uncomfortable about the ‘house money’ subject. Aw poor Elijah xD

  24. NeonStrobeLites Says:

    oh godd ‘lijah is so smalll…he is liek frickin hobbittt sized in real life… im liekkkk… two inches taller O_o

  25. SueBeaWho Says:

    I LOVE his shoes. I think he looks spiffy. :-)

  26. bearo657 Says:

    Is he a faggot?  Or just extremely creepy? I love LOTR, but honestly, CANNOT stand Elijah Wood. Totally fucking creepy. Like really icky.

  27. Couragegirl76 Says:

    he’s just a sweet heart and so funny. I was so happy thats how he was when I met him.

  28. Couragegirl76 Says:

    @JayoDiva agreed

  29. nathachlo2 Says:

    I love the ending!

  30. 24h0peMC Says:

    Hey! I beat Elijah Wood!!!!! Iv been to Mt. Rushmore!

  31. ledagocheva Says:

    i love his laugh!

  32. 24h0peMC Says:

    He isnt aging couse he is a Hobbit and couse he once had the Ring for a while

  33. idonotdraw Says:

    He’s actually an hobbit LOL

  34. GabbyLovey Says:

    Elijah’s laugh is SO ADORABLE!!!

  35. thosenightswrong Says:

    12 YEARS AGO?!

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