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fun youtube video!Geri Halliwell interview – Parkinson – BBC

Geri Halliwell explains why performing to the troops in Iraq will remain her most proud moment on this Christmas edition of Michael Parkinson’s chatshow. Free video clip from the popular british talk show ‘Parkinson’.
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20 Responses to “Geri Halliwell interview – Parkinson – BBCGeri Halliwell”

  1. KaceyDX Says:

    please check out my new geri vid on my channel, it’s got a ton of amazing geri clips new and old in

  2. Alzdr Says:

    ah she’s so hot

  3. MoNTaGeLOLZ Says:

    I didn’t know that she is UK until now :P

  4. billdoesjudo Says:

    Pretty sure it was Afghanistan and not Iraq.

  5. cassiospinelli Says:

    when was this recorded/aired?

  6. divinagoettel22 Says:

    thanks andrea haha!! nice album..just downloaded this in downloadmusic .im

  7. YourOasis97 Says:

    @whitwacker he/she meant she spoke on behalf of breast cancer care.

  8. Deviant85 Says:

    @emaimon1 the guys name is parkinson

  9. Deviant85 Says:

    she’s hot

  10. SexyLiLLeilaniMya Says:

    I love Geri she was always my favorite Spice Girl she is so real, her talent beauty and class are unmatched!

  11. emaimon1 Says:

    she has parkinson?

  12. Blueyedblondeful Says:

    Lenny henry…lol

  13. Victoria3243 Says:

    Geri is real Master of Entertainment. I adore this woman!!! F**k talentless trash like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Ciara, Miley Cyrus or Katy Perry. Did you ever visit Geri’s concerts? I put her on the same level with legendary Madonna and Cher and could care less what haters say

  14. whitwacker Says:

    @clarisd her breast cancer scare was 5 years before she became famous

  15. Supermagos9 Says:

    @psyunicorn in that case she should eat more god damned fucking chicken, right?

  16. jamiearies Says:

    she never did do that tour :-( i love geri always a ray of sunshine

  17. psyunicorn Says:

    she never had a mastectomy

  18. nostalgiamelancolia Says:

    As a guy,I found her the hottest-looking spice girl in the disbanded group.she’s hot!

  19. chicgeek Says:

    She does talk a lot! Saw her on X factor and they really highlighted that. Hilarious :)

  20. TheSpiceRoad Says:

    she is so proud cos she performed for killers, rapers?

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