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fun youtube video!Helen Mirren – The sexist Parkinson’s interview [1/2]

This is the “infamous interview” from 1975 in its integrity… No comments needed! Part 2: www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Hi,I did the following:
Helen Mirren – Mirren ‘frightened’ To Take Risky Roles As She Grows Older

DAME HELEN MIRREN makes much safer choices concerning her career as she grows older – because she’s too “frightened” to put her earning potential in jeopardy by making risky decisions.The Oscar winner was rebellious with her roles in her youth, opting for more controversial or risque parts compared to her acting peers. But the star admits…
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25 Responses to “Helen Mirren – The sexist Parkinson’s interview [1/2]Helen Mirren”

  1. laqlouq Says:

    Great comment ….

  2. RICKD790 Says:

    You’ve either got it or you haven’t, and Helen Mirren has it by the bucket load, and it seems that Parky was pretty intimidated by that. If it was me I don’t think I would be able to speak properly at all.

  3. manconoo Says:

    Not one of Parky’s finest interviews.

  4. paddy9i99 Says:

    ‘Parkinson a bigger dick than normally so’,
    Is this possible?

  5. arbutus27 Says:

    Jee-sus, what an absolute tosser

  6. MrAmazingScott Says:

    love her big tits

  7. LumpySpunk Says:


  8. doomslayer133 Says:

    @TheBum7 shes still hot

  9. doomslayer133 Says:

    Hot then and hot now. Shes a GILF

  10. sexyorgasm253 Says:

    Sex can only be enjoyed with Proper Sex Position & You must know perfect tricks to orgasm a Babe.

  11. gasgas270 Says:

    What a cunt he is …trying to be posher here………..always a cunt.

  12. jnmklo9 Says:

    I’m with Jarren Parky really was crap so many missed opportunities especially Ali and Best

  13. NoCaRAAY Says:

    @TheBum7 WAS? HAD?…try STILL haha

  14. girleatbadger Says:

    She’s incredible

  15. expl0ded09 Says:

    she had great skin

  16. dogsknobs Says:

    wow helen was a cracker. still love her though. even with samall boobs lol. shame we have to get old. inteligent woman.

  17. SavingPrivateBob Says:

    she is very interesting and sexy.

  18. Marco18887 Says:

    one year before the interview, germany won the worldcup for the second time

  19. QuranTafseer Says:

    Lol you should watch my Michael Parkinson interviews with Muhammad Ali lol Parki gets Stug! ha

  20. ineedtherapyquick Says:

    @jamesinho you are a sad man if you think his behaviour is acceptable.

    btw : great “comeback” ha

  21. kgs42 Says:

    It shows how things have changed ….. for the better …. and what a lech parky was …… there are stories! Helen comes over very well …… bats away his stupidity with charm.

    I saw her once in the bar of Riverside Studios in Hammersmith after a performance of Measure for Measure ……. she absolutely glowed!! She’s pretty marvellous ….. and always very likeable.

  22. dougieladd Says:

    Gorgeous then. Gorgeous now.

  23. TheBum7 Says:

    Christ, Helen Mirren was hot, and had a banging set of tits….

  24. Jarren202 Says:

    Jesus Christ. He gets a respected actress on his show and asks her about her tits?

    People keep harping on about how “it’s not like it used to be”, and quite frankly I’m glad it’s not.

    Helen really showed her class here, and had great restraint in the face of such pitiful questions.

    A beautiful person in EVERY sense of the word.

  25. kdawur Says:

    I love Helen Mirren.

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