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Hilary Swank And The Low Carb Diet ? Low Consumption Of Carbs And Unhealthy Fats

Hilary Swank is well on her way towards becoming one of the most awarded actresses of this generation. Not only that, men and women alike admire her lithe, lean yet still feminine and sexy body. You may not win any Academy Awards in the near future, but having a body like that of Hilary Swank’s is something you can achieve just by following the diet that she uses.

According to many reports, the talented actress follows the Low Carb Diet to maintain her physique. Below are some details about the diet that you should know:

* The Low Carb Diet’s main method for making you lose weight is to have you lower your intake of carbohydrates and unhealthy fats while increasing your protein consumption. This manner of eating is far from being new. In fact, primitive humans ate more protein than carbohydrates, thus their muscular physique. It was only in recent times that carbohydrate consumption began to rise. Many studies have been published, which linked high carbohydrate consumption with obesity. To counter the problem, diets focusing on low carbohydrate intake were created and became immensely popular.

* Although many compare the diet with the more popular Atkins program, it is not as strict. There is no need for the two-week pre-program induction, nor are your meals so carefully prepared. As long as you cut down on your intake of carbohydrates, then you’re good to go. What you’re allowed to eat is about 20 to 30 grams net of carbohydrates per day. Unhealthy fats should be totally avoided. Aside from focusing on making you eat more protein rich foods, such as meats and soy products, you are also advised to eat many natural products, which are in themselves, low in carbohydrates, but high in minerals and vitamins, such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

* If you want your body to be like that of Hilary’s, then you also need to have a good exercise routine. Hilary does Pilates and some yoga. Not only that, she works out with a trainer at the gym regularly. So, just cutting back on the carbs won’t do. You have to get off your butt and work out a sweat. Also, once you go on this diet, you may feel weakness and fatigue for the first few days due to your body adjusting to the program. This doesn’t mean that you should cut down on your workout.

* Most importantly, the program recommends moderation in eating and portion control. Even if you are able to lower your carbohydrate consumption, if you still eat a lot of other foods, no matter how healthy or low fat they are, losing weight is still going to be difficult.

As you can see, to be fit and healthy, a lot of sacrifice is needed, as well as a healthy dose of determination. You may have to say goodbye to your favorite donuts, but you do get a body as spectacular as that of Hilary Swank’s. Isn’t that’s what you’d call a fair trade?

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