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fun youtube video clip!Hilary Swank Goes to Some Strange Chechen Birthday Social gathering

Two time Oscar® Winner Hilary Swank attends a weird Chechen birthday party for Ramzan Kadyrov, President of Chechnya and renowned torturer and human rights abuser. Also appearing at this unusual Chechen birthday social gathering were Jean Claude van Dam and Seal.
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Hilary Swank's Artsy Da Vinci Evening in Paris

Stepping out for an exquisite event in the Town of Lights, Hilary Swank attended Leonardo Da Vinci's latest exhibition “The Saint Anne” at Muse du Louvre in Paris, France on Tuesday (March 27). The Academy Award winning actress appeared stylish in a plum
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20 Responses to “Hilary Swank Goes to Some Weird Chechen Birthday PartyHilary Swank”

  1. achaserofrocks Says:

    Wow she doesn’t even Google the guy before she flies across the world to say happy birthday ? Lol…well for $2 million maybe it was worth it

  2. martiniiiiiiiiiiiii Says:

    Bush (even if i hate this guy…) was elected buy is country, this guy no !

  3. porsche911sbs Says:

    I don’t know what I said to anger you but thank you for clarifying.

  4. 99681655 Says:

    u stupid bitch.
    ussr former ussr countries know about van damme

  5. porsche911sbs Says:

    You know, for better or worse I don’t believe the USSR exists anymore…

  6. NewtsNews Says:

    She clearly doesn’t do her research.
    Bad move Hilary.

  7. paflagonian Says:

    Money is tasking Fuck you all!

  8. 99681655 Says:

    what about van damme?
    hillary is not populiar in ussr
    may be good actor but not in ussr!!

  9. putittogether Says:

    Bush and Obama have tortured people, so does that make Hollywood libards that visit them guilty too?

  10. imedi Says:

    yes bush might be no angel but this guy has carried out a genocide against many sections of his own people. she should have known better

  11. shishani1930 Says:


  12. Bismal5 Says:

    for a good price, people will do anything..even if they are rich

  13. ColKorn1965 Says:

    I saw this on TV live when I was in Russia and was wondering WTF was Seal doing in Chechnya.

  14. Sharukkin Says:

    Как так получилось что етому “переводчику” поручили столь важную работу? Concerning whether or not she knew and why did she go there.. People don’t give a damn about other people’s suffering. I don’t believe she was unaware. I mean, maybe she didn’t know that most of the people sitting in the front row killed and tortured civilians with their own hands, but she definately must have known that the situation with human rights is not too healthy in Chechnya.

  15. trulex Says:

    Swank the greedy whore!!!

  16. mmrfrodo Says:

    million and a half dollar baby! money hungry

  17. stasamja007 Says:

    Its sad that Kadyrov is still on a freedom, and its even more sad that he is still the president.

  18. vladicigor Says:

    ok,if this mrs is disappointed with Grozny and Kadirov , she can give back money she got and thats it. also, when u heard “torturer and human rights abuser” on mainstream media u should know -that person is probably good person. main problem here is Kadirov. he restore peace and order in Checenya and he is friend of russians. that aint good scenario for western powers…

  19. MEpianist Says:

    Fuck you Mrs. Swank, you obviously understand nothing about the police state in “Grozny City.” Disgusting!

  20. TheDardanianKnight Says:

    ahahahhahahah how does that happen? Does Hilary swank just wake up in the morning and go “wow -I wonder what the president of Chechnya is doing today?”

    hahahaha seriously that’s just like -insane LOL

    I never realized that actors could just be so bored to do random things, or be total whores for money…LMAO

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