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1881119315 38fad63707 m Hilary SwankAm i the only one who thinks justin bieber looks like hilary swank?

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Hilary Swank: Am i the only one who thinks justin bieber looks like hilary swank?
Seriously people you cannot tell me he doesn’t look like hilary swank in boys don’t cry. He looks like a gender challenged little boy. He sounds 8 yrs old & I think his songs are annoying. I’m not hating im just telling the straight up truth !
All the little girls who love him don’t even bother to answer this question your just wasting time.

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Answer by Christian

Answer by Kaitlin.
Hells no. Justin Bieber is a talentless dwarf who probably stumbled accindentally into the limelight while he was topping up on hair product and Hilary Swank is a really talented actress. And 9 times out of 10, Justin Bieber can be seen executing his lamearse gangsta pose to accentuate his wankerificness.





I do, however, agree that he is incredibly annoying.
And I have a crush on Hilary Swank, so I’m probably biased.

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Betty Ann Waters, Hilary Swank, Sam Rockwell, Minnie Driver, Pamela Gray
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Good video!Hilary Swank – PS I Love You interview

We chat to Oscar-winner Hilary Swank about the role in her new film, rom-com PS I Love You

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