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Q&A: hilary swank?
why did hilary leave her husband after she became famous

The following is the answer: (Hint: The reader is not the correct identification.)

Answer by Capricious
honey I have no Idea.
But I do know that her acting improved.

Answer by retooser
They had been having problems already, and with their busy careers, they never saw each other and just grew apart, so they divorced.

Answer by pinkchicchild
7/5/06: Although in an interview in Vanity Fair she didn’t mention specifically what substances Chad was abusing, Hilary Swank revealed that his addiction did hurt their marriage.


Answer by Joan V
Her husband, Chad Lowe, became quite jealous of her success and began abusing drugs, from what I understand.
She tried to get him into re-hab, but it failed, so she left him.

Answer by Princesa2dy4
No she left him because he had a drug problem.

Answer by Bunnytoes:)
Because she’s Hilary Stank?

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