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fun youtube video!Be – Jessica Simpson

One of my favorite songs of Jessica Simpson…. love that album “In This Skin”
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25 Responses to “Be – Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson”

  1. AngelofHappiness8 Says:

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  3. reallovespassion Says:

    @cdm0014 beautiful <3

  4. LileeSoeliani19 Says:

    if only i have the courage to tell him.

  5. cdm0014 Says:

    when i get married this song has to be my first dance :)

  6. alisoncarroll Says:

    her voice is so beautiful!

  7. Bdoll2011 Says:

    She should’ve kept her marriage instead of her career. She would be in a better place in her life. There’s a void that she left when she left nick. She should’ve kept her vows, and nick shouldn’t have been the one that was suppose to keep their vows. Well, he tried. It’s sad that she did that to him.

  8. SarahMeyers1000 Says:

    i love this song:)

  9. jaymelee23 Says:

    @EquestrianandBimmers I agree. She did say something about getting married too young. Her dad seemed to have her booked for everything under the sun too. Might as well call their marriage a long distance thing and those are hard to maintain. Apparently she didn’t wanna take a step back from the lime light for a while. Things might of been different otherwise.

  10. TheServiceWeb Says:

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  11. dee62383 Says:

    I’ve played my “In This Skin” CD so much that some of the songs won’t play anymore. I love Jessica Simpson! I hope life gets better for her.

  12. LitMe1 Says:

    Love this song, love this album, love Jessica Simpson forever!

  13. hjane08 Says:

    i luv this song… feel it so deep….

  14. marisouzasilva Says:

    Love can move a mountain…=/

  15. Dancerchix300 Says:

    this is really cute<3

  16. braxtonlovers Says:

    love you

  17. PamellaOcasio2 Says:

    all you want, ………i seen a sex video with her when she was around 19 at a Hotel in washington dc lol.. i seen it here…..Starzexposed…dot…com…………. ( erotic booty lol expressions on display kinky-ride )

  18. EquestrianandBimmers Says:

    @marylou1277 I love Jessica but you can’t blame Nick entirely. I mean Jessica broke up with him before hand – shows me she was never 100% w/him. Also she has been through a SLEW of men and can’t make up her mind. Nick on the other hand has dated ONE woman in the last six years and now he is married to her. He is a committed man. I think Jess, as much as I love her, was too immature. She wanted the divorce after all, Nick wanted therapy for them and their marriage.

  19. SidneyIam Says:

    Where can we download the mp3 version free? Any Idea @romyrocca18?

  20. IcePrincess619 Says:

    I love Jessica Simpson music

  21. theodorakol Says:

    love can move a mountain….

  22. theodorakol Says:


  23. marylou1277 Says:

    I wish people would get off the whole *ick Lachey thing, I mean he wasn’t the end-all-ta-be-all. He wasn’t all that interesting to me, but I’ve never stopped watching and listening to her since the show! Funny, Silly, even if you call some of the things she says stupid, I’d still much rather watch her!

  24. theodorakol Says:


  25. bdenise717 Says:

    So sweet and beatiful. :)

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