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fun youtube video!Jessica Simpson – I wanna love you forever live

A live performance of ‘I wanna love you forever’ on the Donnie & Marie show by Jessica Simpson in the early stages of her career. back in 2001. One of the best performances of the song in my opinion.
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Jessica Simpson: Eric Johnson’s Finacee Tours Yale Campus with Jessica Alba

Jessica Simpson and Jessica Alba Join Their Men in Yale Tour Jessica Simpson toured Yale’s grand campus this past weekend. Before you check your calendar for the true date of the rapture, rest assured that she was there for her fiance. Simpson joined her soon-to-be hubby around the Yale grounds on a double-date. The other couple was none other than Cash Warren and his hot wife, actress Jessica …
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25 Responses to “Jessica Simpson – I wanna love you forever liveJessica Simpson”

  1. xxpurefilthxx Says:

    Shame shes singing it a key lower than the studio version, so no she ain’t showing talent….

  2. RyouNoMegami Says:

    i didn’t know she was so vocaly talented i find this song harder to sing then most of mariah carey’s songs o.o. she is so good this vid gave me shivers

  3. MrxCasz Says:

    @MrSdotcarver Haha she can definitely belt it out again now, look up her live performances of I´ll be home for christmas, Mary did you know and Merry Christmas baby with Travis Garland from last year, her voice is pretty much back again :)

  4. beyadambashe Says:


  5. DizzyPuke Says:

    girl can sang! :)

  6. virgo1999181 Says:

    she has real vocal talent unlike Ashlee Simpson

  7. misztigger Says:

    Does she really gotta bob her head? I love her voice and the song but common, it could’ve been a better performance.

  8. imontape Says:

    wow is she going to swallow that microphone

  9. lulu4ever1000 Says:

    She performed this song amazingly. She wouldve gotten more shine as a vocalist back then if Britneys popularity and Christinas voice didnt overshadow her. She just came out too late thats all.

  10. MrSdotcarver Says:

    If I remember correctly she hurt her vocals cords some years back and that’s why she can’t belt or that’s why she hasn’t tired to belt anymore. I think with some vocal training she can get her voice back to this. I love Jessica and hope she comes back and blows us away once again with that beautiful voice of hers.

  11. sherryomeara Says:

    love this song , sweet song , very beautiful words , to tell your special one how much you love them

  12. bluehorizonblue Says:

    She definitely is vocally talented. She needs to go back to this type of singing. She took it in another direction and it was not as successful. She is amazing and I hope she show cases the great talent God has Blessed her with again. Jessica you have a very strong beautiful rich voice. I know you love designing clothes shoes and pocketbooks but singing is also where you belong. I love this song.

  13. TheWowwa Says:

    i just love her voice…. doesn’t matter of what she is… stupid or not.. its undeniable she’s a talent!

  14. vitor4spears Says:

    she’s got THE voice!

  15. hasonopinion Says:

    Shes soo young!! i love her! shes stayed humble and grounded thru the yrs!! a real inspiration

  16. BlueDiamondGD Says:

    im love you jessica ;*

  17. Vocalz3 Says:

    Now this heffa sang the hell out of this song!…sang it Jessica Simpson!

  18. M3devac Says:

    She should be selling as much, or greater than, Britney Spears right now. She’s very talented.

  19. yulikuang301 Says:

    I love this song very much ..she is really perfeet songster~~

  20. snowbell1993 Says:

    I wish she return to sing like that not like the stupid baby voice of her she’s been using .

  21. V8201 Says:

    that’s a beautiful song and she has a good voice even though there are some moments when it’s seems that she’s yelling…but beautiful girl with a beautiful voice too (used to listen to this song a lot when my boyfriend and I still was togheter)

  22. TheSkvenus Says:

    do your best, good luck

  23. TheSkvenus Says:


  24. TheSkvenus Says:


  25. TheSkvenus Says:


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