Kate Beckinsale

2843306770 3e3ae02ac5 m Q&A: Kate Beckinsalewho think kate beckinsale is prettier that angelina jolie?

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Q&A: who think kate beckinsale is prettier that angelina jolie?
Ok. I think angelina is pretty, but if I had to choose ANY celebrity to look like it would be kate beckinsale. I thought she was beautiful in van helsing.

The following is the answer: (Hint: The answer is not necessarily.)

Answer by Dr. Joe Makoosa
Megan Fox FTW!

Answer by Shane-o-Mac
Kate Beckinsale is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood.

Answer by smoothtinge
Angelina is not hot. Kate on the other hand is AMAZING

Answer by Michelle
i dont like angelina so anyone else is better than her

Answer by kyle h
Angelina Jolie is ugly. Kate Beckinsale in Underworld was hot! Plus british accent so sexy………..

Answer by Elise
i do…but i’d look like leighton meester if i could choose.

God bless~

Answer by Mandy
Kate Beckinsale most definitely.

Answer by FishPepper
Kate is HOT! Angelina is beautiful and all but……

Answer by wild bill
I do. She is the most sexy vampire I have ever seen, wow I would like for her to nibble on my neck , I might even let her have a little blood

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Wonderful Kate Beckinsale:

Kate Beckinsale 2
34086001 3799103b5c Q&A: Kate Beckinsalewho think kate beckinsale is prettier that angelina jolie?

I took this picture at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2003.

Hi,I did the following:
fun youtube video!Kate Beckinsale Showering!

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