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Kirsten Dunst -authority, Self-esteem and Loss of Control

Kirsten needs a Mentor

Most people who have become successful within their fields, have had one or more people in authority, meaning with great knowledge, to help them start up a way to reach their goals. Mentoring is a deeply powerful way, because it creates a chain of people who do not need to start dreaming small, but rather can dream big. Check out my blog about more of this nttp://www.socialphobiahome.com. There is always someone who has greater knowledge about a subject than yourself, unless you are a genius. Even if you have a brilliant mind for doing something effectively, you will waste a lot of time if you do not try to get in contact with, or work for an expert within an area you burn to renew. Kirsten is a person with a brilliant mind some would even say a new type of actress. It is of course a give and take situation to have an authority to guide you, you may have to work for this person to begin with, but this is a small price to pay to be within a learning environment. Take chances, contact people, offer them your initial service where it can be used best.

Kirsten lacks Self-esteem

It is important to take to heart that your self-esteem, is to a large extent decided by your values, and to what degree you live up to your own important rules. We all have values. Values is a factor which decide your ongoing feelings about yourself, not the quick bursts of emotion. The difference between what we want and what we in reality get, will also influence your long-term feelings about yourself. If you live up to your own expectations on the long hold, there is a big chance that you will live a happy life, and thereby hold your own self to a high esteem. Kirsten has had low self-esteem for a long time now. Te reason is because of her inner values which obviously has told her that being in “Bring it on” and “Spiderman” was not her initial goals as an actor. When all is said and done, there is a big difference between your self-esteem and your self-confidence, since confidence comes from success experiences and self-esteem comes from your solid values.You sense the difference right? Confidence can change through one bad experience, whereas values you have taken in, through your life, are much more solid.

Kirsten’s control Loss

When I speak of control I speak of the opposite of manipulation, because I speak of self-control. Every person on this earth needs control over their own life, because if they do not have this tool they often fall victim to manipulation by others, invasion of your personal space by others, and pure put downs thrown your way by other people. When you have done this noone can control you in any way. Frameworks is the way the great people in our lifetime use, the point of view, of being the expert on one chosen topic. Having established yourself as an expert, you keep to the one subject and redefines questions outside of this topic so that the question becomes an answer to the main subject. Kirsten Dunst may want to make use of this tool when she comes out of rehab. The media will try to put her down and hold her accountable for a while because drinking is seen as a weakness. You as the expert with one subject, choose who you want to pay attention to. There really is no need for you to go into discussion with people who have a solid viewpoint that differs completely from yours. It is a waste of time. The frameworks idea is a way to use the reframing tool intelligently. Probably the best way.

Best Case Scenario

What will happen to Kirsten Dunst, if she learns to frame her life either in rehab or out of rehab? She will be able to decide what topics are important to her. What will happen to Dunst if she decide what topics she wants to speak about? Kirsten will chose who she wants to interact with in her life. What will happen to her if she chose actively, who she wants to be with? She can bring in healthy values, in the groups she enter after rehab. What will happen to the actress if she actively seeks out healthy values? She will have the tools of the great communicators for sure, and will not get into her partying habits again.

From Her Life

Kirsten Dunst has never been prone to shyness or other symptoms of Social Phobia, during her upbringing. Loss of control and alcohol abuse are tell tell signs of Social Phobia, though. It may be that Dunst has experienced a trauma which has brought a hidden Social Phobia condition to light in her later years. There is big hope for Kirsten, since Social Phobia symptoms has appeared late in her life, and are therefore much easier to heal, compared to someone having early signs of Social Phobia before age 10. I predict that Kirsten Dunst comes back healthy and fit, to enjoy new career opportunities soon. I predict that her drinking habits will appear again, but only for a short time, whereafter she will have beaten the condition. I also base these predictions on the fact, that she has not joined any clear-cut celebrity brat packs, enabling her to party her career away. Kirsten has slowly earned the reputation of being a party girl, drinking too much, and even admitting it to the public. So she is clearly not the typical alcoholic who wants to keep her selfmedication a secret. Dunst will be back.

Worst Case Scenario

What will happen to Kirsten if she does not learn to frame her life around health? She will fear humiliation in everything she does in the future. What will happen to Dunst if she focus in, on the possibility of experiencing humiliation? She will be vulnerable to criticism, and will fear being put down, thereafter criticising herself. What will happen to the actress, if she so fear being put down? She will without a doubt experience catastrophical thoughts about what could happen. What will happen if she experience these catastrophical thoughts? Kirsten will become embarrassed by her own actions. Again.

Now when we see Kirsten Dunst enter a situation where she is surrounded by other people, we can check out if she is still a party girl gone wild, if this is the case her goal of a healthy future is not clear enough, she has not associated enough pain to destroying her career, or she has not practised the new strategies she has been taught in rehab enough. More celebrity information on my blog nttp://www.socialphobiahome.com

I really want you to understand that I would like to write posts on your blog, posts discussing your own interesting posts, and comments on your blog if it is somehow related to my blog. All this to open discussions on our blogs to keep them interesting to others.

I am a recovering Social Phobic who has studied the research, theories and models in this field. In fact I have spent 15 years on my project. Out of this has come my 5 books discussing things like Emotional Control, Social Phobia Techniques and Symptoms for recovery, and the importance of Values. In Software4TheShy I have zoomed in on every area of Social Phobia.

I am interested in many things which are, more often than not, an interest that has come about due to life experiences. My main interest is to help other shy people, who at times experience anxiety in the presence of other people, and may have a phobia or two avoid becoming Social Phobics. Psychology has interested me for a long time since I view it as philosophy and not so much as therapy. Music is mood enhancing. Also for me. I love different kinds of food so it is great that I am interested in sports, if you know what I mean.

I want you to get, that I would very much like, for you to either write a post about a celebrity that are currently in the news or are your favourite celebrity.Thanks for visiting my blog, which will be updated on an ongoing basis.

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