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Q&A: Pete Doherty!?
i love pete doherty
he is absolutely incredible.
he is a genius…seriously his poetry is really beautiful and meaningful….anyone else share my opinion??

The following is the answer: (Hint: The answer is not necessarily.)

Answer by ¤ß®itñ£¥¤
yes….even though he can’t stay off the dope

Answer by Shahid G
i respect ur opinion and i’d like to say that if u love/like anyone so much then u should not wait for anyone to approve. think u r d best and ur choice is final. go ahead

Answer by petencarlforever
yes! pete is a lyrical genius and hands down the greatest musician of our time. it’s a shame that people can’t seem to look past the drugs to see what an incredibly beautiful person he is.

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Pete Doherty
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Pete Doherty på Trollheimen Scene på Storåsfestivalen 2009. Mer på Foto: Marius Hjeldnes, NRK P3.

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Good video!Pete Doherty London 10th May 2011 “New Love Grows..” SUPERB!

Here’s an excerpt from my complete 78 minute HD film of Pete’s outstanding solo acoustic show at the Shepherds Bush Empire in London on 10th May 2011. If you’d like to know how to obtain the full version in even better quality please email me on Fans from the UK, Europe, the USA and elsewhere please get in touch!

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