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Good video!Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty sings beg, steal or borrow
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Keith & Pete’s drug chatter

WRINKLY rocker Richards stepped in to offer Doherty advice about drug usage
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25 Responses to “Pete DohertyPete Doherty”

  1. bevyk777 Says:

    @fulcrum100 ha ha! I know southpark and believe it or not – I know what song you mean! So I take it you don’t like PD then?

  2. fulcrum100 Says:

    @bevyk777 Bev, i have it on good account that this song, and pete’s performance here especially, was inspired by the Tardicaca Hula Gal song by SouthPark. Check it out on youtube.

  3. matthew19881221 Says:

    what a great song i luv Doherty

  4. nativeuk Says:

    anyone know what that last chord is?

  5. WhiteChessQueen Says:

    I love this song! Peter is great!

  6. WhiteChessQueen Says:

    I love this song! Peter is great!

  7. WhiteChessQueen Says:

    I love this song!

  8. ellylalawatson Says:

    he is just lovely.

  9. LauraMeyers08 Says:

    He looks like HP♥
    OMG i love him :D

  10. jewmeltintheovens Says:

    thumbs this up if you think pete is the best songwriter since dylan

  11. huntaken Says:


    I enjoy his music but I know that Pete is not the best on his style. It’s a pity that his fans don’t recognize it

  12. arcticfan93 Says:

    @huntaken why do you have to compare him to someone else, stop being such a twat and just enjoy his music?

  13. MurdaMediaDaily Says:

    i love the play on words with the music when he says if i change my tune meaning his tone of voice but at the same time changes the tune of the music its very cleaver the way he does it .. GENIUS!!

  14. forzam1lan Says:

    wanna be there.. in dat room.. listenin’ to him..

  15. skint0n0minted Says:

    @markydeeks ignore the scum, the sun make it all up anyway. it annoys me how they dig at his problems. BUT COMPLETELY IGNORE HIS TALENTS.

  16. lisetteblue Says:

    I love pete

  17. skint0n0minted Says:

    @lukeyboy123able he ain’t ordinary! he’s eminent

  18. SonicInPyjamas Says:

    Pete Doherty, You legend <3

  19. itsyourpenis Says:

    i kjujgfvuklklgbvjchgawsfdxdfgvhjklkjhgfdxgfvhnjmk,

  20. killxannette Says:

    I love him so much!

  21. stofstg Says:

    @ maemae629 – out of interest then what music do you listen to then?

  22. bevyk777 Says:

    LOVE this performance of such a great song! I’m reading all the comments and can’t understand why someone would come to a site for a musician they can’t stand just to start arguments w/those that get into it. Must be really bored/sad and have nothing better to do. Try typing the name of a band you like in the search block – and write something decent about them! It would be different if youtube forced you here and made you watch it! PS. Must be something about Peter that brought you here!

  23. maemae629 Says:

    @stofstg dude that horbergaren guy is dumb, i kno. but honestly, i hate to break it to u, but this guy fucking sucks. its not an opinion, its a god damn fact. he blowwwss

  24. lukeyboy123able Says:

    As far as I’m concerned, Pete – God bless, him is a very ordinary singer and musician. His talent’s in his poetry writing, his looks, and his charm. If he was as ugly as sin, he’s only be ‘that boring junkie who tries to entertain us’.

  25. mokshueda Says:

    i really luv diz guy..all his song reall cool.. =)

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