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Good video!Peter Doherty – Last Of The English Roses (HD)

default Peter Doherty   Last Of The English Roses (HD)Pete Doherty

Official HD Promo Video for Peter Doherty’s fantastic debut solo single ‘Last Of The English Roses’, taken from the forthcoming album ‘Grace / Wastelands’, available to pre-order now from the Parlophone Store by clicking here: www.parlophone.co.uk For further information on Peter Doherty visit his new official MySpace Profile at www.myspace.com Suit and accessories created specially by Edward Sexton.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Good video!Pete Doherty Fuck Forever acoustic Isle of Wight

Fuck forever Pete doherty great acoustic on a meadow CHECK OUT THE HQ VERSION www.youtube.com

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50 Responses to “Peter Doherty – Last Of The English Roses (HD)Pete Doherty”

  1. townellt78 Says:

    @stepheng1483 u cunt your is one and sells her ass 4 it

  2. smithayyyjames Says:

    people who only see him as a waster probably love take that and robbie, in other words they are cunts

  3. WhiteRabbitm8te Says:

    @stepheng1483 are you? i hope u get clean

  4. StokeCityFC44 Says:

    love pete but what is with the ridiculous sized hat haha

  5. mairaf87 Says:

    Que babado!

  6. metasstasie Says:

    en intraveineuse le Peteeeeeee!!!!!!! encore………lol! ^^

  7. bradsad123 Says:

    he’s absolutly fucking amazing! Rose x

  8. stepheng1483 Says:

    Dirty smack head.

  9. MrJockstar1 Says:

    fucking tune……

  10. shazamm3 Says:

    @LooLivi I like that part too! And the ‘skipping and dancing hand in hand’ part :)
    Oh I’m sooo jealous!!

  11. supachazman89 Says:

    doing smack probably makes him a better musician, we should thank him for it

  12. TheYuLeeAn Says:

    he is a fucking bastard… he showed me how bad all thees wannabe poets and bands are… so i can rarely enjoy other bands and artists… ;-)

  13. myway43 Says:

    @technojoolz Fair enough…I agree that he is highly talented, yet I hope that his choices do not take him away from the world to early. I am a new fan.

  14. LooLivi Says:

    SO CUTE XDDD <3 MET PETE- NICEST MAN ALICE. he said my name was beautiful hehehehehehe

  15. LUCADELSUD Says:

    Ahahahaha!!! Sembra LO PRESTI G.

  16. LUCADELSUD Says:

    Wow! Spettacolare… Lui è gay???

  17. lofasztaseggedbe Says:

    he left the libertines he left the babyshambles but he left himself way more back then and the and there no will be peter only the DRUGS will sing :D ..

  18. TheMrsGreenDay Says:

    i think he is so cute :D

  19. jesusb00ts Says:

    @technojoolz couldnt agree with you more :)

  20. BauerHorst89 Says:

    one of the best musicians

    The fags at the end should not be

  21. argbarb8 Says:

    hahah he looks so high :)
    i love his music regardless of his state :)

  22. TheGoaBase Says:


  23. TheGoaBase Says:

    viva la heroina!!!! :P

  24. diggingupdinosaurs Says:

    I love this song! but I hate his face >.<

  25. diggingupdinosaurs Says:

    I love this song!

  26. DannyFlintt Says:

    @JamesD567 fuck your gran, cunt!

  27. JamesD567 Says:

    @DannyFlintt suck a cock

  28. Konriux Says:

    @kamjf08 use a lot of drugs and you’ll develop the same “ahh well – just fuck it” attitude as any other junkie.

  29. rockdandan Says:

    i loooove the drug addicted mess. hes a legend. and a misunderstood genious

  30. NicotineSomething Says:

    Bm G D F#

  31. DannyFlintt Says:

    Tune up doherty

  32. rangedkid Says:

    Need a proper tab for this masterpiece ffs.

  33. Turbosflame Says:

    @mutzigmorzine In that life, i’ll have what hes having :)

  34. jakerzz20395 Says:

    This is magic.. thumbs up if you agree. x

  35. skabbet Says:


  36. NYofthePacific Says:

    @bilolover Agreed!!

  37. NYofthePacific Says:

    how can you NOT enjoy this? i don’t know…. i just love this guy.

  38. 41756wyness Says:

    i would say a junkie is someone who puts junk in his or her body . the guy is a fuck up like most humans on this planet . i bet the person who wrote the last coment smokes .drinks . pill pops . eats shire food . so what the fuck is a junkie? i think we all are . atleast he can sign and play

  39. pondman27 Says:

    We are not f-cked forever, it only requires good people to stand up now and move away from this demonic agenda. The era of puppets closes, the veils of deceit fall away.
    Let them quake, because the Lions are awake.

  40. bilolover Says:

    @sferris15 ……I like the guitar out of tune…..music wasn’t meant to be perfect :)

  41. xxxTHEHORRORS123xxx Says:

    ledgend =)

  42. mutzigmorzine Says:

    I couldn’t care less what drugs he’s on, they’re only illegal because we are told so, why can’t people concentrate on his music and respect him for that, forget all the bullshit, in another life, we’d all be free to take whatever we like.

  43. MidnightSmog Says:

    @AndraCamille01 exactly! finally someone who agrees with me! lol!

  44. oneangrybride Says:

    arrested again lol..

  45. MsLive4Love Says:

    It is amazing,how many Times he will sing this Song,if anybody does mind and help him to come out,where he is in!Amy ,you have got a big Heart and hope enough Power to help him,but is she really the “ONLYONE “…..? Poor Peter…..

  46. keistevo Says:

    so whats the use between death and glory?

  47. rickoasisfan Says:

    @jip1000 ….in a Noel Gallagher attitude & voice, ” I Laugh Out Loud At You”.

  48. jip1000 Says:

    @rickoasisfan u got a bad taste.. ray sucks; pete rocks
    now shut the fuck up.

  49. rickoasisfan Says:

    @32wallace …..I know, now he’s just another druggie !

  50. 32wallace Says:

    Thank fuck he didn’t

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