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Pink: PiNK???????
i want to paint my room pink but i also want to do a beach theme, will it go or will it not match at all? how can i make it match?
do you have a pink room is YES

does it make you feel happy?
do you get sick of the color?
what other colors in your room do you have with it?
tell me more about it.
what does it have to do with fashion? well your room is like fashion because your decorating and matching and add accessories. also it reflects your personal style.
please dont answer if your going to put that you *****!

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Answer by kimmy
I once had a pink room painted the color of peptobismol..i repainted it it made me sick but the new pink color goes and yea pic a blasting pink color and it will still go

Answer by Laura
what does this have to do with fashion and accesories?

Answer by tropicaltwist782
maybe a pale pink, like one you might see on a sunset, would go well with a beach theme, because it would kinda look like a beach sunset….. good luck decorating your room!

oh and i dont have a pink room (mine is purple) but i do have a beach theme! actually i have this HUGE picture on my wall (it covers one entire wall) and its a beach…… it looks soooo cool!!!!

Answer by I’m soo nawt Poison Ivy! icon wink PinkPiNK???????
OMFG!!! I have like, the exact same color/theme as you!!! I have bright walls, dark wood and painted white wood, pink, brown, and white Roxy “Flirt” bedding, pink and white (mostly white) lamps, and a dark wood papasan chair with a sand-colored cushion!!! We’re, like, room sisters or something! I NEVER could get tired of the pink and I heart my room! Everyone that has seen my room hearts it, too, so the beach theme works AMAZINGLY well! Hope my room helps!


Answer by ♥Casey♥
I have a fuschia colored room with a fish border, but I switched rooms hehe! I now have a blue room with a glow in the dark border. I like that better! And at my mom’s, I have a white room, with blue, green, and pink in it. It’s so cute! And I think if you did a pink paint with a large beach border with the same color in a little of it, it would work. Even if the border didn’t have pink, if it matches, it would look good! Hope I helped!


Answer by PinkBeachBum
Do colors like pink and brown, or pink that you would see in a sunset, that is really soothing and romantic. <3

Answer by billie
Colors for a beach décor should make you think of the beach. Light and breezy with lots of blues and maybe even some yellows. If you prefer neutral tones think of the beige of beach sand and the color of shells.
Incorporate sea shells, ocean prints, and other seaside accents that will help bring out the beach in your bedroom.
Use beach theme prints and photos on your walls to establish the theme throughout your bedroom.
When accessorizing your bedroom don’t forget about the lighting. When purchasing lamps make sure to buy ones that go with the beach theme you want to create. For beach style lighting try using clear glass lamps filled with shells or figural light house shaped lamps.
Only use rugs that go with your beach accessories.
Don’t think you have to buy everything for your bedroom at once. Shop around to find the perfect accessories to match the beach theme in your bedroom. You can find bargains at consignment stores flea markets and yard sales.
Have fun decorating! ☺

Answer by Nicole
It will go if the pink isn’t very light. You could have your room a sunset theme on the beach…
My pink room is pretty, and relaxes me. With it, I have some creme orange, and lavender colors. It’s pretty. I have posters hanging everywhere, so you should hang pictures of beach creatures everywhere.

Answer by Mary G
beach wallpaper, pink covers on your bed. Thanks for the 2 pionts! icon smile PinkPiNK???????

Answer by nancyisrich
I had a pink room before but then I repainted it.
You can make it match by putting the pink on the celing and the beach theme on the rest.

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  1. Shylee V Says:

    Pink is great color to have in your room. It is exciting and fun and it makes me happy.
    Although you need to be careful about the other thing you put in your room that are a different colors that doesn’t go with it.
    Whites are good and so are greens and purples.
    Over all, pink is an awesome color to paint a bed room.

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