Aboutsarah Jessica Parker
fun youtube video!Seth MacFarlane bashes Sarah Jessica Parker!

default Seth MacFarlane bashes Sarah Jessica Parker!sarah Jessica Parker

A clip from Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy!

Aboutsarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker nixes Chris Noth 'Lovelace' visit

By Bryan Alexander, USA TODAY One person Sarah Jessica Parker did not want to see on the set when she was filming her role as Gloria Steinem in Lovelace? Her former Sex and the City co-star Chris Noth. Noth is also in Lovelace and, while they don't
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17 Responses to “Seth MacFarlane bashes Sarah Jessica Parker!sarah Jessica Parker”

  1. jennatuhls Says:

    ‘Why are there so few black baseball players?’
    ‘Because they’re always stealing bases, HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAA’


  2. 10hopalongcassidy10 Says:

    wtfs a 9gag? 9 sarah jessica parkers?

  3. timothyma1989 Says:




  5. UpsideDown211 Says:

    did she sue him for that??

  6. jipak93 Says:

    Why the fuck are there so many 9gag people here? Go away.

  7. shogunsam Says:

    seth macfarlane was mocking horseface before it was cool.

  8. FanVadAsFul Says:

    4chan is for people who literary eats shit.

  9. NLRoyboy Says:

    inb4 9fags

  10. SpingDingLing Says:

    9fags everywhere.

  11. digidawg111 Says:

    @jel018 9gag is for 12 year olds who just got introduced to the internets. L2lurk tardball

  12. kleash Says:

    9gag sucks shit.

  13. DemonKutt Says:

    9gag army on duty!!

  14. jel018 Says:

    i searched this because of 9gag…. 

  15. astahxo Says:

    9gag brought me here

  16. royalflipskater Says:

    @Lassannn from behind though XD

  17. exZell Says:

    @HirachieOfSociety Welcome to the crazy world of ‘women logic’ ;)
    You can either buy a ticket and spend a lifetime trying to understand wtf is going on on this crazy ride…..or choose for the quicker option of having a sex-change operation with hormone therapy.
    Though I think even that last one will only allow you to scratch the surface of understanding and I’m not sure I would be willing to commit THAT much in order to understand women, fully ^^

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