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fun youtube video!Tobey Maguire Interview

Celebrity reporter, Ron Jacobsohn, interviews Tobey Maguire.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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24 Responses to “Tobey Maguire InterviewTobey Maguire”

  1. MrsLadyLaraCroft Says:

    he’s sooooooooo CUTE!!!

  2. lithicalessiarpe Says:

    he is so handsome….cool and sexy

  3. GSM7A Says:


  4. Lulatsch24 Says:

    i thought he was 16…

  5. jifimh Says:

    Love him :)
    He seems so nice… and so cute

  6. kay12ize Says:

    he is cute (;

  7. Bart817 Says:

    The Tobey Maguire is cool

  8. kevin15721 Says:

    tobey reminds me of my geometry teacher for some reason

  9. saibarcafi Says:

    Anyway, he is my favorite actor, it’s simply perfect in Spider-Man series, he is fun, he is serious he is … just the good man on the best place !

  10. saibarcafi Says:

    Lol, when I have seen Tobey in SM1 I thought he is 18-20, I SWEAR !

  11. carlospadilla1394 Says:

    MR RIO!!!!!!!!!!! he looks like my ex-teacher in Freshman Center!!!!

  12. Devourer09 Says:

    Yeah. He ages pretty well for being younger than 33 years old.

  13. pinkligers14 Says:

    is it just me or does tobey age really well?? he looks soo young! even now he looks pretty young.

  14. sheamaguire Says:


  15. vider1992 Says:

    the best actor 4everrrrrrrrrrr

  16. LoquendoDos Says:

    Subtitles to spanish please.

  17. Schokobombe24x Says:

    Toby is so sweet. I cannot believe that he has wife and children. He looks like 20 years old. So sweet :-)

  18. Jayden1201 Says:


  19. 6VENOMS6LEGIONS6 Says:

    holy shit he looks like grant from ghost hunters

  20. Woodner92 Says:

    best actor ever!!!!

  21. chibiviolinist21 Says:

    aww hes so cute!

  22. Fananya Says:


  23. Cadmiumboy Says:

    Tobey showed up at the Tropic Thunder premiere with a beard. he would’ve looked awesome like that on Spider-Man 3

  24. girlypowah Says:

    Tobey is INSANELY INNOCENTLY CUTE! Especially in Spiderman movies. :”>

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